You Are What You Eat

Howdy Do!

Lets talk about food.  You eat it, I eat it.  We need it and we love it.  ronald

Unfortunately we aren’t often eating what we really need and what we “love” doesn’t really love us…  Usually it’s some processed stuff in a box or fast food with creepy clown mascots.

Anyway, I mentioned in the previous post that I’m a little obsessed when it comes to reading/saving  articles and information on the subject of food and health.  Not that I always follow what they say mind you, but I have learned some great things over the years and I’ve found that my health has improved a lot because of it.

I tend to pick and choose, experiment and go with what works for me.  Alot of what worked for me (I’ve lost about 50 lbs)  was drastically reducing or eliminating processed food, fast food, and meat from my diet.

I’ll admit I slip up from time to time, but in the last two years the norm for me has become fairly healthy food.  That means I had to make some changes though, and convienence isn’t always an option anymore, the fastest food is the fakest food.  (Is fakest a word?  Ha! It is now.  >.>)

I think it’s safe to say the majority of the food we eat is not the same as it was 100 years ago.  Conventional eating means that our bodies are flooded with ridiculous amounts of sugar, salt and fats.  Our diet is way out of proportion to what people used to eat before obesity, disease and sickness swept through this country like wildfire.

In addition to the excess we’re eating, we’re often consuming a host of toxic chemicals from processed foods which are used to increase shelf life and enhance the appearance of our overly processed “food-stuff”

…aaaaaannnd of course our we can’t forget the fact that the majority of our produce now days is full of pesticides and herbicides.

Speaking of herbicides, there’s some interesting research going on with regard to Monsanto’s herbicide roundup, and that research is showing that the active ingredient in roundup, glyphosate might be the common denominator with regard to many problems like autism, celiac disease, weight gain, heart disease Alzheimer’s and more.  Check out the video below for an interview on the subject.

If that’s not bad enough we can take a look at our meat industry, which is about as disgusting as it gets.  Animals are raised in awful conditions, their health is compromised because of those conditions and their bodies are flooded with anti-biotics, growth hormones, and stress hormones. They’re brutally slaughtered, dis-respected and then covered with bleach and more chemicals to make the murder a little more appealing.

Unfortunately, when you get that steak or chicken from the grocery store, you’re getting more than you bargained for.

When you add to this long list of health hazards the fact that our “modern” lifestyle has become increasingly stagnant, it’s really no wonder we have a country full of sick, fat and depressed people.

It’s also why pharmaceuticals are a billion dollar industry when you consider the “american lifestyle” is set up to promote sickness.

You need a drug to make your heart work after you stuff it full of gunk and tax it to it’s limits.  You need another drug to moderate your insulin levels because the high amounts of sugar in your diet have screwed your pancreas.  You need another drug to drain the fluid from your body because the amount of salt we eat is un-natural.

Semosphotoshoplessons-1024x724To add insult to injury, not only is our society set up for failure when it comes to health, we also have horribly unrealistic standards of beauty that even the healthiest of people can’t attain because they aren’t based in reality.

Of course, there’s a whole market out there to take advantage of mis-guided consumers who are trying to take control of their health and look like the cover of a magazine.  Turn on any TV right after New Years and it’s painfully obvious with the torrent of diet products, weight loss pills and fitness center advertisements.  Unfortunately, most of those products and routines lead to failure, it’s profitable.

So you go get the gym membership, allow yourself 4 pieces of celery a day, and drink some nasty juice concoction in a juicer that cost you 400 dollars.  Inevitably, it just becomes too tedious, un-enjoyable and downright impossible to maintain and you fall off the “health” bandwagon and into an order of french fries.

Then, because you feel like absolute shit and you look like shit (especially when you compare yourself to the magazines), you’ll need some more drugs to put a band-aid on your shattered sense of self worth so you can float around in a prozac cloud ignoring your problems and worsening health.

But I digress…  The point I’m trying to make is that it seems most of our health issues seem to revolve around profit.

I get that everyone wants to make a buck, and I get that there is definitely a market for health related stuff in our society.  What I can’t abide is when people are knowingly creating that market by making people sicker and purposely creating these problems all in the name of profit and greed.  I also find it obnoxious that there are people taking advantage of all this mess and over-complicating a solution that should be fairly simple.

Why don’t we pass on the 400 dollar juicer and why don’t we pass on the McMurder.  How about we eat an apple instead of getting a colon cleanse?   Let’s skip the extra salt and avoid the lasix.

Instead of buying into this goofy argument of “health food” vs “normal food” let’s just go down to the local farmer’s market and buy some real food,  that is treated with reverence and respect, instead of roundup…

You are what you eat.

New Year, No Fear

I realize I’m posting this New Years article a little late, considering it’s already the 12th but hey…time is an illusion right?  :P   Speaking of time…I turn 30 this year.   For me it’s a special year with lots of special things ahead.

So here we go, I want 2015 to be about manifesting success and joy and really getting in touch with the things I am passionate about.  I want to make being and feeling truly alive my life’s work and I want to share my journey and make new friends along the way.

It’s going to be a busy year, I’m passionate about many things.

What are those things?  I thought you would never ask…

1)  ART!!!  I want to get back in touch with tattooing and my art in a big way, simply because I love it and I feel like it’s a large part of who I am.  Also, maybe this is silly and vain of me but I’m not gonna lie, tattooing makes me feel cool as fuck.  It gives me something I can be proud of and there’s a sense of freedom in it that you don’t find much now-days.

2)Energy, Metaphysics, Human Potential…I’m fascinated with this side of life, always have been.  When I cultivate that in myself, amazing things happen, this year I really want to focus on that side of my life.  I’m a certified Usui Reiki Practitioner, and a Kundalini Reiki master.  I would love, love love to incorporate that more into my life and daily practice and network with others who do the same.

3)Healthy Food and Ethical Eating.  I’m an obsessive article reader when it comes to this subject, it’s improved my eating habits immensely (and my health).  I’ll admit I’m not perfect and I screw up with it from time to time (cheese is hard to avoid in Wisconsin) but I’m learning and it’s becoming more of a lifestyle and less of a headache.  I want to make 2015 even better in that regard and share what works for me.

4)DANCING AND MOVING!  I love to dance…I’m not as fond of dancing in front of people.  This feels like a good year to do something about that.  This year I want to really and truly get in touch with my body and heal myself.

Side note: I just got a job at a tattoo shop right next to a yoga studio. The tattoo shop has a shower.  Synchronous.

One final thing for now…

Last year I enrolled in a permaculture design course, I’m pleased to report that I finished the course and got my certification today.  (WOO!!!)  This spring, I’ll be physically implementing the project I designed for the class and putting some permaculture practices into action.  Permaculture is another huge passion of mine, it’s something that sings to the idealistic side of me that believes maybe we can turn this ship around and leave the planet in a better way.

Look out for a new section on this website devoted to that project, I have big plans for it and I can’t wait to share them!

Also, this site is going to be getting a little makeover in the near future, I’ve been thinking long and hard about what sort of purpose it should serve and where I want to go with it and I’m already working on the new design and content…stay tuned.   :)




Own The Moment

For something we consider small and fleeting, the moment is incredibly vital and important; it is in the moment that all things are dreamed and done.  It is in the moment that we find solace and comfort.  The moment holds inside of it great power and potential and when utilized, it can change your life.

Do you have a goal?  The moment can help you realize it.  Are you fighting an addiction?  Understanding the moment will help you overcome it.

Every destination requires steps toward getting there, moments hold the opportunities for us to take those steps and when utilized they help us in bridging the gap from where we are to where we want to be.

Finding our power is as simple as recognizing that every moment has value.  Do you have a thought about something you would like to do?  Don’t just think about it, own the moment and take action.  Alternatively, if we’re talking about overcoming a bad habit or addiction owning the moment will be of great assistance.  Change your focus in that moment to something else.   All of those focused moments add up and what seemed like an impossible task will soon be more attainable and realistic if you stick with it.

The key to owning the moment is action.  Action brings the possibilities out from the ethers and into reality, best not to kill time when it is our most valuable resource.

Psychic Stuff: Fun with Pets.

Ever want to see if your pets can pick up on psychic vibes?   Try this out and tell me what happens. ;)

Find your pet, now focus on their face and start thinking about food.  Be very detailed, don’t just think visually.  Incorporate how the pet-food smells, the sound of the cat-food hitting the dish, the rattling of the bag, imagine your pet eating it.

I did this just a moment ago, I was focusing on my cat Lyra, who looked interested but,  it was my cat Tesla (who’s been with me longer) who came RUNNING up to me like his butt was on fire, and then he jumped up on the counter and reached up with his paw and started tapping my shoulder.  It was a-freaking-dorable!

And very interesting…

It also got me thinking that this might be a good way to practice broadcasting thoughts/feelings/intentions or refining them to one individual.  To elaborate on this idea, my focus was on Lyra, but it was Tesla who reacted, this leads me to wonder if it was more of a broadcast thing that all the animals could pick up on.

Just some food for thought.  ;)

What to do with all those Green Tomatoes.

This year was rough on our tomato crop.  The cold and damp conditions made it difficult for them to ripen completely.  This appeared to be the case for everyone around us too.  When we would go to the farmers market we would hear the same story over and over again, “The tomatoes just weren’t doing so well this year.”

So…what to do now that it’s October and I have a bushel full of unripened green tomatoes?  I don’t want to let them go to waste; luckily, there are other options (and I’m not just talking about frying them.)

I want to share a trick my Grandma taught me that can make yer “mater’s” blush, and quite possibly give you tasty tomatoes up till Christmas…  (It’s super, duper simple.)

You’ll need:

A cool, dry place, like the basement.
A stack of newspapers or brown paper bags.
Green Tomatoes
A large flat surface that will be undisturbed.


Tomatoes on the right ripe after about 1-2 weeks.

So, all you have to do is lay out a few sheets of newspaper, or flattened paper bags and place the tomatoes on top.  Make sure they aren’t touching, give them a little bit of space.

After you have all of your tomatoes placed, cover them with a few more sheets of paper or brown paper bags and check them every few days.

When you see a tomato starting to form a little bit of a blush, remove it from the group and bring it upstairs to finish ripening.


If you want to ripen a bunch of them at once, leave the blushing tomatoes there for a while.  The ripening tomatoes produce a natural plant hormone called ethylene, which will help push along the ripening process for the other ones.  If you want to slow down the process, make sure to remove the tomatoes that show signs of ripening right away.

You’ll want to make sure you keep an eye out for any tomatoes that might form mold and remove them right away if you spot any.  If they go unchecked it could spoil the whole batch.  (You know the saying, one bad apple spoils the whole bunch…or tomato in this case.)

That’s all there is to it!  I’ve been doing this with our tomatoes and it works very well.

In my next post I’ll show you what we’re doing with all our ripe tomatoes.   I’ll share our recipe for home-made roasted marinara sauce (It’s soooo good!!!), and how to preserve it using a canner.



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