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Amid celebrations, disgruntlement simmers in BJP following Vijayendra’s appointment as Karnataka party chief

Bengaluru: Vijayendra Yediyurappa’s elevation as BJP state president provided a much-needed reboot to the party’s cadre, but there were some signs of irritation from those who were eyeing the big post.

Vijayendra’s appointment saw celebrations in various parts of the state. That he is young, represents a new line of leadership and an original saffron product are some of the boxes Vijayendra, BJP veteran B S Yediyurappa’s son, ticks for party workers. The overarching opinion is that the BJP is playing to its strength – Yediyurappa’s legacy.

One BJP leader who came close to expressing unhappiness was former national general secretary C T Ravi, a Vokkaliga who was seen as an aspirant to the post that went to Vijayendra. He is seen as a Yediyurappa critic.

“On some things, whatever I say now will be misconstrued,” Ravi said, specifying that he was not an aspirant for the post. “Personally, I have nothing against anybody. I know Vijayendra…I’ve wished him all the best,” he added.

Ravi insisted that everyone in the BJP has only one goal: To ensure Narendra Modi’s return as prime minister in the 2024 Lok Sabha polls.

Asked if Vijayendra was the right choice for the post, Ravi said: “I shouldn’t get into this analysis, especially in front of the press. The party decides who should do what and when. While there are many who may be eligible, I believe the party has chosen who the right person is.”

On how Vijayendra’s appointment would sit with the BJP’s stand against parivarvaad, Ravi said: “There are some questions that haunt me. We come from an ideological background. We’ve been moulded in a certain way. So, I’ll never do anything against the party’s interests.”

Senior leader V Somanna, who was sulking after losing from two constituencies in the Assembly polls, chose not to react when reporters approached him for comments. Somanna had publicly asked the party to consider him for the state president’s post. However, he reportedly greeted Vijayendra over the phone. Hubli-Dharwad (West) MLA Arvind Bellad also evaded reporters.

“There were senior leaders who were aspirants, including myself. Such aspirations have to be given up once the party has decided,” former minister B Sriramulu, an ST leader, said, adding that everyone will work together for the Lok Sabha polls.

(Published 11 November 2023, 14:40 IST)

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