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Lengthy footpath, narrower carriageway: 'Unscientific' works hurt Gandhi Bazaar traders

Bengaluru: Shopkeepers along Gandhi Bazaar Main Road are irked by issues plaguing the neighbourhood, including traffic congestion andhawker migration.

The proposed market redevelopment by the Bengaluru Smart City Limited (BenSCL) is only exacerbating the challenges.

“The width of the main road has been curtailed to 20 feet, which has triggered congestion as it leaves less space for vehicular movement. At least three instances of ambulances getting stuck in traffic have occurred in the last month,” said Guruprasad RK, secretary, Heritage Basavanagudi Resident Welfare Forum.

Concerns have been raised regarding the impact on emergency services, with reports of ambulances frequently getting stuck in traffic on Gandhi Bazaar Main Road. This has raised distress among the local shopkeepers, who attribute the problem to what they describe as the unscientific approach of the ongoing revamp.

Guruprasad pointed at the unscientific aspects of the redevelopment, highlighting the expansion of walkways to 35 and 40 feet on either side of the road.

“The extension of the walkway has invited more hawkers from outside, who occupy the space used by traditional sellers. On the other hand, a few traditional hawkers have extended their space from 5 to 10 and 15 feet,” he said.

Scare of fire accidents

“There are various hotels on the street that have kept a stock of cylinders. We have witnessed tragic incidents of fire accidents in the city lately. If such an accident occurs here, no fire fighting vehicle can pass by this road,” a shopkeeper told DH on condition of anonymity, expressing uncertainty over how a BMTC bus can pass through the road.

Guruprasad said that Gandhi Bazaar Main Road connects West Bengaluru and South Bengaluru.

As South Bengaluru has many hospitals, ambulances coming from the western part of the city will face major problems in the coming days due to narrow road.

(Published 13 November 2023, 21:22 IST)

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