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'Treetoons' to protect green cover in urban jungle  

National award-winning cartoonist Mrityunjay Chiluveru, whose latest work ‘Treetoons’ is exhibited at theIndian Cartoon Gallery, portrays the devastation of the environment and how mindless urbanisation destroys flora and fauna.

Through 81 works of art, the cartoonist talks about ending a “war on the environment” and urbanisation at the cost of green cover.

Speaking to DH,Mrityunjay said, “I have been a cartoonist for over 25 years. The Green India Challenge inspired me to address issues like global warming, environmental challenges, and pollution by using trees as the central character.

He further added: “It took me eight months to draw these cartoons to show the disappearing green cover and its impact on human beings.”

Visitors to the exhibition, while marvelling at the works on display, said the cartoonist has done well in creating awareness on the need to preserve green cover.

“There is hardly any space to grow trees now, but we can certainly grow plants or small indoor trees. In the long run, I am sure this will make a difference”, said Aradhya, an environmental enthusiast.

Art critic Harsha Gowda said there is a certain activism in these pictures and paintings.

The exhibition is on till October 21.

(Published 16 October 2023, 23:04 IST)

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