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Telangana polls: KCR steps attack on Congress, says party leaders opposing pro-farmer schemes

Hyderabad: BRS president and Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao on Monday stepped up his attack on Congress, alleging that the party had delayed the formation of Telangana and is now favouring only three hours of power supply to farmers.

Rao, who resumed his campaign for the November 30 Assembly polls after a break for Deepavali, said drinking water is still a problem in states where major rivers like Ganga flow and that Telangana is the only state in the country that provides tapped drinking water to every tribal habitation.

“The Ganga river is there in Uttar Pradesh. The chief minister of that state also comes (to Telangana) wearing a lungi, for campaigning. Even in Uttar Pradesh where there is the Ganga river, provision of drinking water is not certain even today. There is no drinking water even in states where there are many rivers,” he said.

Rao, who addressed rallies at Aswaraopet, Burgampadu and Narsampet, alleged that YSR Telangana Party president YS Sharmila is said to be wanting to take revenge on BRS candidate in Narsampet Sudarshan Reddy.

“Narsmapet has a specialty. You had protested when ‘integrationists’ (those favoured united Andhra Pradesh during Telangana statehood agitation) and their ‘chamchas’ wanted to rule over here. Because of the protest, YS Sharmila is said to be wanting to take revenge on Sudardhan Reddy. She is said to be sending wads of money,” he said.

“Should YS Sharmila’s wads of currency win or our Mission Bhagiradha drinking water? Our 24-hour electricity should win or who should win? Should we lose if those from other state send wads of money and want to defeat us,” he said.

He expressed confidence that the BRS would win the Assembly polls with a higher number of seats than it had won last time.

In November 2022, Sharmila’s caravan came under attack during her padayatra in Warangal district following her remarks on Sudarshan Reddy.

Rao alleged that Congress leaders favoured only three hours of power supply to farmers, abolition of ‘Dharani’ land records management system brought in by his government and that they described expenditure on ‘Rythu Bandhu’ scheme as wasteful.

“They (Congress leaders) say they will throw ‘Dharani’ into the Bay of Bengal, ‘Rythu Bandhu’ is a wasteful expenditure. More dangerously, they say 24-hour power supply is unnecessary, KCR is wasting the funds and three-hour power supply is enough,” he said.

He said the ‘Dharani’ integrated land records management system introduced by his government enabled direct benefit transfer to farmers under welfare schemes.

“This irresponsible Congress party that has no sympathy for farmers is talking about abolishing ‘Dharani’. If ‘Dharani’ is removed, then how will you get money under ‘Rythu Bandhu’. They are not answering when I am asking,” he said.

The abolition of ‘Dharani’ would lead to farmers going around government offices and bringing back middlemen into the system, he said. He also alleged that PCC president A Revanth Reddy favoured supplying only three hours of power supply to farmers against 24-hour supply of his government.

The Congress had delayed the formation of Telangana, he charged.

Though the previous UPA government agreed to the formation of Telangana after he began an indefinite fast and an agitation was held, but it went back on its word and later it had to deliver on the promise following protests, he said.

He said his government has addressed problems with regard to supply of electricity and water after coming to power in the then new state of Telangana in 2014.

He said his government gave priority to provision of basic services to people, including roads, drinking water, irrigation and electricity.

The Bhadradri power plant is coming up at Manuguru near Burgampadu (in Telangana). However, the Vijayawada Thermal Power Station should have come to Manuguru but the then rulers of united Andhra Pradesh shifted it to Vijayawada (in Andhra Pradesh) by a conspiracy, he said.

The BRS government introduced ‘Rythu Bandhu’ investment support and ‘Rythu Beema’ life insurance schemes for farmers, abolition of water cess and other measures for the benefit of farmers, Rao said.

He highlighted his government’s other welfare programmes like social security pensions and his party’s poll promises like hike in benefits under various schemes.

(Published 14 November 2023, 01:21 IST)

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