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Always present everywhere: Chandrababu Naidu's open letter from jail sparks row

Telugu Desam Party (TDP) chief Chandrababu Naidu, on Sunday, wrote an open letter from jail, sparking a political row in Andhra Pradesh.

The former CM, who is in jail for a corruption case for over a month, wrote “No one can deface the values and the credibility that I have been preserving for the past 45 years”, adding “I may not be among the people now but I am always present everywhere in the shape of development.”

Naidu reportedly handed over the letter to his family members who went to visit him in Rajahmundry Jail.

He declared that he was in the hearts of people and no power on earth could distance him from them for even a second. He also expressed confidence that law would prevail, even if it took time, and he would come out with new vigour to work for the people and the state’s welfare.

Naidu, in his letter, also stated he was recalling his 45-year public life from behind bars, and stated how he had always worked for the progress of people.

He also made it clear that he had earlier declared in Rajamahendravaram that he would announce the TDP manifesto this Dussehra but would come out to declare the ‘full-scale’ manifesto.

“Now I am confined in the jail in same Rajamahendravaram. I will soon come out to declare the full-scale manifesto,” Naidu said.

Positing his wife, daughter of the late N T Rama Rao, as the person who’d be fighting the good fight, the TDP supremo continued “She will soon come before you to console the members of the families of those who died because they could not digest my confinement in jail. Also, she will thoroughly expose this atrocious rule.”

He concluded his letter saying “Maybe a bit late but ultimately law will certainly prevail. Till I come out, continue the peaceful agitation.”

The letter has sparked a row since the party released it to media outlets on Sunday.

The prison superintendent reportedly said there was no permission for the letter purportedly written by Naidu.

The YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) slammed TDP for releasing the letter, and wondered how Naidu has access to pen and paper behind bars. Andhra’s ruling party reportedly claimed the letter is fake, and hit out at the TDP saying people were fed up with Naidu’s corruption which is why they removed him from power.

(With agency inputs)

(Published 23 October 2023, 07:18 IST)

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