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24 Best Online Vendors to Buy TikTok Followers (2023 Update)

You’re not going to become successful on social media these days unless you pay a lot of attention to TikTok.

In five years, the platform has become younger viewers’ platform of choice, and older users have been discovering it, too. Its enormous inventory of short videos attracts more than half a billion daily viewers – an incredible opportunity for those who want to increase their business visibility and revenue, and those who dream of becoming a social media influencer.

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter remain important, of course, but TikTok is the social media platform you simply can’t ignore in 2023. And if you want to build a large following on social media, it’s definitely where you need to be.

The Secret to Building a Popular TikTok Account

Once you’ve set up an account, invited your friends to follow you, and started posting videos, you’re pretty much done. That is, unless you want to build your account into one that attracts a large and engaged audience.

In that case, there’s much more work to do – because there are billions of videos on TikTok. Unless you take action, the content you post will languish, largely unseen, for years.

Trying to pick up a substantial number of new followers individually would take you months or years, and you still might not become one of TikTok’s popular accounts. What you have to do is take a page from influencers and people whose videos have gone viral. You have to “work the system.”

That’s because TikTok doesn’t display all users’ videos equally. Their algorithms choose the ones that have already received huge numbers of views, or whose creators have large followings. In short, you need to find a lot of followers.

That’s where buying real TikTok followers from a reputable vendor comes in.

We say “real,” because the platform can tell when an account’s followers aren’t authentic; they’ll be removed quickly and you may be penalized or banned. We say “reputable,” because many vendors use bots to generate those fake followers. Both are important.

What good does buying followers do? It puts your videos in front of many more random viewers than you could find on your own – and if your content is compelling, those viewers will be likely to view it, like it, and follow your account on their own.

That’s called organic growth, and it’s what will make you a TikTok superstar.

Where do you buy those real followers? From one of the suppliers that have made our list of the best online vendors for TikTok followers.

Discover the Best Sites to Buy TikTok Followers

1. TokMatikMany social media providers have added TikTok to the list of platforms they work with. TokMatik has been focused on TikTok since it began operations five years ago.

They can deliver small (100 followers) or large (10,000) packages of real followers almost as soon as you click the “buy” button, and every one of them is from a real person with a real TikTok account. They come from TokMatik’s network of hundreds of thousands of real users, guaranteeing that your new followers will be authentic and will never endanger your account.

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It doesn’t cost a lot to get started, either. TokMatik’s followers packages start at less than five bucks, and even purchasing their biggest offering is surprisingly inexpensive. Not sure how many you need? You can start small and grow your followers over time, or even better, you can get advice from TokMatik’s skilled support team. They’re available 24/7.

Ordering couldn’t be easier. The whole process takes less than a minute, and you never have to supply your account password. TokMatik respects its customers’ privacy. They also guarantee their followers; if any happen to drop out of your account, they’ll replace them free of charge.

Buy TikTok followers from Tokmatik

Once your followers arrive in your account, your TikTok importance and authority will start to grow, and you’ll be on the path to organic growth that will supercharge your following. It all starts with your first order. Want to power your account even more? TokMatik sells real views and likes, too.

2. TwicsyTwicsy has only recently begun offering TikTok followers packages, but they’ve built a long tradition of success by selling Instagram likes, views and followers. Hundreds of thousands of social media users, many of them famous influencers and large businesses, regularly use Twicsy’s IG services – and now they’re using Twicsy to build their authority on TikTok as well.

Twicsy never uses bots. They know providing fake followers is the easiest way to lose a customer for life. All of their followers (they also sell authentic TikTok views and likes) are real and come from real TikTok users. Delivery is immediate, unless you ask them to drip-feed your new followers to make them look even more authentic. They’re happy to do it.

The followers you receive from Twicsy are the highest-quality engagements you can find, and once your account’s greater authority gets your videos shown to a larger audience, your large number of followers will convince the users finding you that they should watch and like your content. Many will follow you organically, too.

Twicsy is well on its way to replicating its Instagram success with TikTok.

3. Buzzoid

Everyone’s discovering TikTok these days, even the providers who’ve specialized in Instagram or Facebook services.

Buzzoid, like Twicsy, has expanded its offerings to accommodate customers who need to improve their standing and importance on TikTok. They can provide as many as 20,000 authentic followers for nearly-immediate delivery, at prices that will fit anyone’s budget. You won’t receive any fake followers from Buzzoid; their services are completely safe.

If you want to expand your TikTok presence even more, it’s a good idea to buy video views and likes in addition to followers. And Buzzoid can take care of that for you. They’ve provided billions of Instagram likes since they opened their service, and they’re well on their way to doing the same for TikTok users.

One other important note: Buzzoid is one of the few social media providers that accept Bitcoin payments, as well as credit and debit cards. They provide 24/7 customer service, whether you have an ordering question or want advice on the best way to generate organic growth with their offerings. There’s simply nothing not to like.

4. Rushmax

Rushmax gives you a choice when you purchase TikTok followers from them.

You can buy between 100 and 5,000 real TikTok followers – or you can kick the package up a notch and purchase as many as 5,000 premium followers. Naturally, premium followers are also real people, but they’re more active on the platform. They’re even more valuable to people who are serious about juicing their TikTok importance and authority by buying followers.

Rushmax’s prices are reasonable (premium followers cost more, though, as you’d expect), and their customer support is outstanding. You can use them to add likes and views, as well as followers, to your TikTok account, and they will provide the same engagements for your Instagram account if you’d like.

A boost in your follower count will make TikTok happy and they’ll start showing your videos to a larger number of random users. And it will make you happy because you’ll begin seeing rapid growth in your organic engagements, your popularity, and (once you’re able to monetize your account because of your large follower base) your income. It’s a win-win.

5. iDigic

iDigic is a one-stop shop for TikTok and other social media engagements, offering both less-expensive authentic followers and higher-priced active followers. They provide fast delivery, high quality, and experienced and helpful support. Their package options range from 100-10,000 followers.

6. BuzzVoice

BuzzVoice offers real, high-quality TikTok followers, but at a higher price point and with longer-than usual delivery time. They provide a full range of TikTok services including followers, views, likes, comments, and shares; it’s not often that you find a provider who can deliver quality TikTok comments.

7. Flatfitty

You won’t find cheaper prices for TikTok followers. Flatfitty’s packages start at just 50 followers for less than 70 cents, although you can buy as many as 20,000 fans from them at a cost lower than you’d pay elsewhere. If you’re concerned about the quality of the engagements you receive for those prices, Flatfitty says they’ll replace any that drop out of your account.

8. Social Viral

Social Viral is a full-service service that will deliver engagements on all social media platforms, but if it’s just TikTok you’re interested in, their followers are real, inexpensive, and delivered quickly. They’re another provider that lets you buy either quality followers or premium, active followers; you’ll pay more for premium followers.

9. TikTokRush

Purchasing only 20 TikTok followers won’t provide your account with much extra juice. But if you want to try a service out before spending a lot of money on them, TikTokRush lets you purchase as few as 20 real followers to see what their followers look like. Be aware, though, that they’re a pretty expensive service.

9. TokUpgrade

TokUpgrade is a so-called “growth service” that delivers an unspecified number of followers from targeted users they’ve determined are most likely to follow you. That means the growth of your account is slow and unpredictable, and you pay at least $15 monthly for the service, but the following you receive are extremely high quality.

11. BoostYourPresence

This U.S.-based service is pricey, and it takes some time playing around on their website before you can figure out how to order. They do deliver authentic followers in a hurry, however, and they have a large and satisfied customer base.

12. InstaFollowers

Yes, InstaFollowers got their start providing Instagram followers. Today, they also offer service for TikTok users, and they can deliver as many as 100,000 real followers from real accounts. Prices are reasonable, and they can help you boost your presence on many other platforms in addition to IG and TikTok.

13. TikRoyal

If you don’t mind waiting as long as 24 hours for your real TikTok followers, TikRoyal can deliver them for budget prices that are one-third lower than most of their competitors. This is a company that focuses on TikTok, so they can provide other hard-to-find services like views for live streams.

14. TikFuel

TikFuel is another budget choice for TikTok followers, delivering real followers with real accounts at prices well below the market average. Delivery occurs almost as soon as you click the “buy” button, and they’re happy to supply likes, video views, and Instagram services as well.

15. FeedPixel

Very few social media services offer deals that include real followers, video views, and likes that can be purchased as a package. FeedPixel is one of those outliers. They charge higher-than-average prices, but the convenience may be worth paying for. If you’re on any other platform, FeedPixel can help there too; they even sell boosts for Soundcloud and Telegram accounts.

16. Trollishly

Most social media experts will tell you that you should add other engagements in addition to followers, and Trollishly is the place to look. You can purchase real TikTok video views, likes, autolikes, saves, mentions, and comments from this service, all at reasonable prices.

17. Boost Hill

Boost Hill is an expensive provider that works with all major social media platforms, but they’re very good at what they do. They deliver high-quality, real followers instantly, and they’re also experts at providing TikTok comments and live stream views. Their customer support is terrific as well.

18. SMM Laboratory

SMM Laboratory is the only TikTok service on our list that lets you choose your followers by gender, a valuable tool for those who target their accounts to just males or females. They also sell “stock” followers (presumably from bots) at cheaper prices, in addition to “guaranteed” followers.

19. InfluBoss

You can buy as few as 50 real TikTok followers from InfluBoss, if you want to space out your engagements to look even more authentic. They also provide some of the best values for larger packages out of the providers we’ve reviewed. Followers arrive within 60 minutes, and they’ll accept Bitcoin as payment.

20. SocialFansGeek

This is another budget provider that delivers real TikTok followers quickly. But they also offer another unusual service that’s worth considering: you can work with their support team to purchase followers from specific countries – for example, only English-speaking ones. That option could be worth paying extra for.

21. Bulkoid

Bulkoid charges reasonable prices for anywhere between 100 and 4,000 followers, and their ordering process is set up so you can purchase 0-5,000 likes and 0 to 50,000 video views in the same order. It’s a nice feature that not many vendors offer. The followers are real, and they take crypto as well as credit cards. Their website is difficult to figure out, though.

22. ViralHQ

We’ve just described how Bulkoid’s ordering process lets you combine likes and views with real TikTok followers in the same order – and ViralHQ offers the same option. Their prices are good and they can supply as many as 5,000 followers. Support is only available via email, however.

23. Sides Media

Sides Media charges very high prices for their authentic TikTok followers, but don’t leave as soon as you see those prices on their website. They often have discount offers on their site that can lower the cost considerably. One other drawback, though: it can take 72 hours for their engagements to arrive.

24. UseViral

Here’s one more pricier-than-average that might be worth considering, because they will sell you TikTok followers selected by country. That can be valuable to businesses that only promote themselves in certain areas of the world. The followers are high-quality and delivered quickly.

Why Should You Buy TikTok Followers?

Quite simply, it’s one of the only ways to effectively start your account’s growth.

TikTok has a massive user base and an overwhelming number of videos, making it challenging for ordinary users to gain visibility. The platform uses algorithms to determine which videos to display to random users on their “For You” page, based on a video’s popularity and the account’s authority.

Here’s what that means. If you have a low number of followers on TikTok, your videos will only be seen by a limited audience. By purchasing real TikTok followers from a trustworthy provider, your account’s importance will increase and expose your content to a larger audience.

That opens the door to organic growth. In other words, your new audience will have the opportunity to view and like your content, and to follow your account to see more of your videos as you create them. Those aren’t just “real” followers from a service; they’re real people who will help you become an influencer or patronize your business.

Just as importantly, as more people become interested in your content, your account gains even more authority – and the new audience for your videos will keep growing and growing.

Buying followers is faster, easier, and more likely to succeed than trying to find new followers on your own.

Do TikTok “Growth Services” Do the Same Thing?

Definitely not.

A “growth service” may work for some TikTok users, as long as they’re willing to wait much, much longer to see that “growth.”

These services are designed as long-term solutions and not to provide immediate results. You pay them a monthly fee to provide an unspecified number of TikTok engagements – and you have no say in how many followers, likes and views the “growth service” delivers. They make that decision without telling you. They simply promise “growth.”

And if you don’t see decent results and complain, they’re most likely to tell you to wait a few more months and it’ll start happening. Of course, they’re collecting more payments from you while you wait.

Here’s another difference. Many “growth services” have a business model that’s designed to build a large client base that’s paying them recurring revenue month after month. That guaranteed monthly revenue can make them lazy, leading them to use bots to deliver fake followers, likes or views that don’t work and might endanger your account.

On the other hand, you’re in charge when you buy TikTok followers, views, and/or likes from a trustworthy provider. You know exactly what they’ll deliver, you pay a one-time fee, you receive your engagements right away, and the real growth can start shortly after that. There’s no mystery, no long-term payments, and you’re in control of your account’s growth.

How to Succeed on TikTok

Buying TikTok followers isn’t a guarantee of success all by itself.

After all, your account isn’t going to grow if you don’t post compelling video videos worth watching. Creating high-quality content is crucial for your account to become popular and important.

And adding a few well-done videos isn’t enough, either. You have to keep adding quality content regularly in order for your new followers to keep following your account for months or years, or share it with other users. Life moves fast on TikTok, and you have to keep “feeding the beast” to remain popular.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of regularly posting great videos, you’re ready to go for the gold. Buying sufficient numbers of followers, likes and views will kick-start your account, ensuring that TikTok will show your content to lots of potential new followers. Assuming your content is compelling and valuable, they’ll engage with it – and you’ll be well on your way to TikTok success.

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