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HomedelhiCM Kejriwal approves proposal to dismiss CWC chairperson for misconduct

CM Kejriwal approves proposal to dismiss CWC chairperson for misconduct

New Delhi: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has approved a proposal for the dismissal of the chairperson of the child welfare committee (CWC) for misconduct, officials have said.

The proposal was submitted by Delhi Women and Child Development (WCD) Minister Atishi.

Approving the proposal, Kejriwal on Monday said the Delhi government will not compromise on the care and betterment of children and those who show negligence ‘will not be forgiven’.

‘In our government, there is a policy of zero-tolerance for officials’ negligent behaviour within the administration. The Child Welfare Committee deals with highly sensitive cases related to the care and safety of children. The role of the CWC chairperson is crucial in this regard,’ Kejriwal said.

‘Therefore, any laxity or irresponsible conduct by individuals in meeting the needs of children can have serious consequences,’ he added.

Atishi said that several complaints were received against the CWC-IX chairperson, including delays in decision-making for critical cases involving children in need, improper conduct towards staff and committee members, misuse of powers and issuing orders without the consent of committee members.

“In response, an inquiry was ordered. Based on the recommendations from the inquiry report, the government has decided to terminate the CWC-IX chairperson with immediate effect. Children’s welfare is non-negotiable and the Delhi government will continue to ensure that those in positions of authority uphold their duties with the utmost sincerity,” she said.

(Published 17 October 2023, 04:50 IST)

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