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HomedelhiNDMC deploys sweeping machines, anti-smog guns as winter approaches

NDMC deploys sweeping machines, anti-smog guns as winter approaches

New Delhi: As the city weather takes a turn, the NDMC has deployed mechanical road sweepers and hired eight anti-smog guns in a slew of measures to control pollution.

New Delhi Municipal Council Vice Chairperson Satish Upadhyay on Saturday announced a comprehensive set of ‘Air Pollution Control’ measures for 2023-24.

“We recognise the urgent need to prioritize environmental well-being as air pollution, a significant contributor to respiratory diseases, heart conditions, and cancer, demands our collective attention,” Upadhyay said ahead of the festival season. He said currently there are no dust hot spots in the NDMC area.

The NDMC has deployed seven mechanical road sweepers, operating in two shifts with GPS tracking and wet sweeping. In all, these machines have covered a sweeping distance of 280-330 kilometers between April 1 and October 26, said the NDMC.

All avenue roads are mechanically cleaned every day or on alternate days, under real-time monitoring done at the Smart City Integrated Command and Control Centre, Upadhyay said.

All central verges and side berks in the NDMC area are already green paved. Horticulture department has planted 3,200 trees and 33,12,885 shrubs, completing its target for 2023-24, he said.

The NDMC has procured one anti-smog gun that is operational on Mahadev Road and is in the process of hiring eight more to combat pollution, he said.

The NDMC has deployed 18 water tankers or trolleys to water plants with capacities ranging from 5,000 to 10,000 litres. The tankers will be using STP-treated water.

“NDMC has constituted a team of officers to inspect construction sites for enforcing dust mitigation measures, leading to 25 challans worth Rs 12.50 lakh issued from April 1 to October 27,” Upadhyay added.

The official said that the construction and demolition waste from the NDMC area – which averages 70 metric tonne per day – is collected daily and sent to the Shastri Park C&D recycling plant. He said 14 sites are used for this waste collection.

The civic body is also conducting regular inspections to curb unauthorised dumping of C&D waste and has penalised people for violation, he said.

The civic body has deployed three teams of field officers from health, horticulture and civil departments to oversee work in the area, with one team operating at night, he said.

In addition 14 teams from the health department conduct daytime inspections related to waste burning.

According to Upadhyay, NDMC has procured 32 electric cars and five electric bikes to promote cleaner transportation.

A total of 100 Electric Vehicle public charging stations have been installed, with 67 already commissioned in the NDMC area.

The remaining 33 stations will be commissioned shortly, he added.

(Published 28 October 2023, 16:35 IST)

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