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HomedesignLight up your living spaces

Light up your living spaces

Warm, cheery lights scream out festive joy like none other. The ongoing Dasara is followed by the Festival of Lights, so it seems like the right time to get the house sparkling with lights. Although lights are staples in brightening up the outdoors, it seems like the designing doesn’t always gets its due. Usually, most of us will buy a string of lights and use the available power socket to light it up only as far the string goes. So, this festive season we will look for inspirations that will make our spaces inviting – both indoors and outdoors.

Bright living space

Indoor lighting is easier to accomplish given the options available. Rope lights on a highlight wall of the room will be a festive option. Carefully, hang the lights in a symmetrical manner, framing the wall or just the windows that’s there. You could focus on the ceiling instead of the walls by using strip lighting to make a pattern on it. Or else, use rope lights to suspend from the ceiling to create a festive feeling.

There are plenty of festive wall sconces available that could be used instead of the regular lighting for the festive season. Or else, have a decorative chandelier to go up at the centre of the room and light up the place. For a practical, no-fuss decorative lighting option, use paper lanterns in corners or as a collective arrangement at the centre of the room. If possible, use the combination of table lamps and decorative lighting to light up the room instead of using the regular wall and ceiling lights. This will cut down the heat and give a rich ambient lighting to the space.

Use string lights for lighting up mirrors, artworks, bannisters, doorways, windows and even glass containers to make the indoors sparkle for the season.

Decorative outdoor lighting

One major tip in festive lighting for the outdoors is to focus on one highlight rather than try and cover the entire space with lights. There will be a bigger impact with more focus on one spot which could be the front doorway, windows, a tree that’s in the front garden or else, the balcony or terrace.

Start with a simple plan that should incorporate the power sources, length of the string lights required, extension cords and if needed, surge protectors. Once it’s decided, make sure that the lighting wires are concealed as much as possible to avoid daytime eyesores. Keep the wires taut so they don’t hang out and become hazards.

To light up a tree in the garden, start with the base and wrap the trunk and branches with string lights. Use rope lights to trail from the branches.

Or else, simply place spotlights on the ground at the base of the tree and focus the beams on it.

If the option is to light up the balcony, use serial lighting that will wrap and cover the railings completely. Lanterns can be suspended from the balcony ceiling as well. Low wattage bulbs are recommended for outdoor lighting.

(Published 20 October 2023, 19:41 IST)

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