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Asian elegance for the holiday season

Colombo Fashion Week’s much-anticipated luxury resort wear edition for 2024 unfolded with a dazzling presentation, featuring a carefully-curated line-up of some of the most eminent designers from south-east Asia. The runway, graced by the talents of Rizwan Beig, Amilani Perera, Limak by Kamil, LOVI, Karma, Charini, and the Grand Finale by Geisha Designs, showcased an exquisite array of glamorous resort wear, perfectly timed for the year-end season.

Visual feast on the runway

Bold prints took centre-stage, displaying vibrant colours and captivating patterns without explicitly associating with specific designers. The runway transformed into a canvas adorned with tropical florals, geometric shapes and intricate motifs, offering a visual feast that encapsulated the diverse landscapes and cultural richness of the region.

Resort wear for the season

Luxury dressing for the upcoming Christmas and New Year collections remained a dominant theme, seamlessly blending comfort and glamour across various designer collections. Flowing silhouettes, embellished fabrics and meticulous attention to detail were the hallmarks of these resort wear pieces, providing a perfect synthesis of sophistication and festive allure.

Redefining swimwear

Swimwear emerged as a highlight, pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation across the featured designers. The runway saw sleek one-pieces adorned with intricate embellishments and bold, daring bikinis, redefining swimwear as a stylish statement for the holiday season.

Evening dazzle

Evening dresses that dazzled were another captivating aspect, with Limak by Kamil, Charini, and the Grand Finale by Geisha Designs presenting show-stopping gowns that combined elegance with a touch of drama. Sequins, feathers, and sheer fabrics took centre-stage, turning each dress into a masterpiece fit for captivating attention at events.

The event celebrated cultural fusion and regional flair, as each designer brought a unique perspective to the runway, infusing their creations with the rich heritage of their respective countries. Colombo Fashion Week’s luxury resort wear edition, with its stellar line-up, left an indelible mark, inspiring a new era of luxurious resort wear that promises to redefine festive fashion in south-east Asia.

Colombo Fashion WeekDesigner: Limak by KamilColombo Fashion WeekDesigner: Limak by KamilColombo Fashion WeekDesigner: Limak by KamilColombo Fashion WeekDesigner: Limak by KamilColombo Fashion WeekDesigner: Limak by KamilColombo Fashion WeekDesigner: Limak by Kamil(Published 09 December 2023, 03:17 IST)

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