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Kerala Guv-Govt tussle: Arif Mohammed Khan says he acts according to Constitution

New Delhi/Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan asserted on Friday that he was acting in accordance with the Constitution and questioned whether there was any evidence suggesting that he had caused a crisis in the state.

Speaking to reporters in New Delhi, Khan said that the state government had, however, ‘crossed the line’ on numerous occasions.

His statement comes amid a growing tussle between the Left government and the Raj Bhavan on the issue of not signing certain bills.

“Have they given any evidence that I have created a crisis? Merely making a statement does not mean that. Crisis means when you go beyond the powers or authority which is given to you by the Constitution. Give me one single example of where I have gone beyond that.”

“Show me one instance where I have crossed the line. And how many times my own government has crossed the line, there is a long list. So who is creating the crisis?,” Khan said.

The Governor also alleged that pensions and salaries are not being paid in the state and, in an apparent reference to the recent Keraleeyam event, he said, but the state was ‘having big celebrations’.

“We are having big celebrations. We are having swimming pools made at the cost of a million rupees,” Khan told reporters.

Recently, the Kerala government moved the Supreme Court to raise the issue of the Governor not signing certain bills and delaying it indefinitely.

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on November 8 said that Khan was bound to act according to the Constitution.

The CM’s statements came a day after Khan had accused the state government of using the legislature for purposes other than what it was meant for.

Regarding some of the bills that he had withheld, Khan said, “Naturally, nobody can ask you to do something which violates the bounds of the law. I have repeatedly said so.”

The bills to which Khan has withheld assent include the Lok Ayukta Amendment Bill and two different University Laws Amendment Bills.

(Published 10 November 2023, 11:01 IST)

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