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Prostitution is a 'cool profession': Comedian Vidushi Swaroop's remark sparks row

Comedian Vidushi Swaroop faced flak for her remarks on prostitution in a video from one of her live performances, which has gone viral.

In the clip, she can be heard calling prostitution a “cool profession”. Swaroop also spoke about prostitution, detailing what set it apart from other lines of work. However, her comments incensed many on the internet with most labelling her ‘insensitive’.

“Respect women always. This is no way to present women. Shameful act”, an individual said on X (formerly Twitter).

Another echoed similar sentiments, saying “Unfortunately, some self-proclaimed stand-up comedians make comments that some find amusing, whether it’s related to religion or other sensitive topics. They often think they’re being funny, and the audience laughs along, considering it cool.”

Kumar Vishwas, the poet, also expressed his disapproval and chimed in, saying “In fact, this is not only absurd but also inhuman and cruel. This insensitive joke is just a glimpse of today’s so-called stand-up presentations that constantly make fun of vulgar and cultural values. It is fortunate that no male presenter did this cheap thing; otherwise, all the commissions would have woken up. Shame on those who laughed.”

Swaroop, taking to Instagram, also addressed the controversy saying, “This video is taken from a full YouTube video, so it does not reflect the actual perspective of the clip. Therefore, I have a humble request to all of you: before making your decision, please evaluate the entire video once.”

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Screenshot of comedian Vidushi Swaroop’s Instagram story addressing the row.

Credit: Instagram/vidushiswaroop

(Published 24 October 2023, 10:07 IST)

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