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'Want to be friends with you', Uber driver texts woman on WhatsApp after ride

The internet is constantly flooded with stories of women facing problems with drivers of online ride apps. One such incident that occurred recently has caught people’s attention.

Bhumika, who is a homoeopathic doctor by profession shared her distressing experience with an Uber driver on her social media account.

She tweeted the incident on X while tagging Uber India Support Team and urged the company to take serious action against the driver.

According to Bhumika, the driver that was assigned to her for that particular ride, texted her on WhatsApp after dropping her to the location. Bhumika shared the screenshot of the messages sent by the driver.

The driver first sent her “Hi” and then showed his desire to be friends with her, as he wrote in Hindi, “Main friendship karna chahta hu aapse”. Later he even sent a picture of himself.

Bhumika wrote that the incident has left her in an uncomfortable situation and that this is a serious issue concerning women’s security and safety.

She also said that the safety of Uber passengers should be a top priority and Uber should take this complaint seriously.

The post received a flurry of comments and many showed concerns over this issue. “Since this man knows your location, prefer filing an NC and reporting this to the police even if you choose not to file an FIR. He should know that he can’t behave like this with an unknown woman. I know this can be really worrying but don’t be scared, Bhumika. Good job exposing him,” commented a user.

“This is scary. The drivers know our phone number and address and we don’t know anything about them. And we need to depend on Uber. Not safe at all,” wrote another.

To the post, Uber India Support replied saying, “Hi Bhumika, this is definitely not the kind of experience we would like you to have. Please send across your registered details via Direct Message, we’ll get this addressed at the earliest.”

Afterwards, Bhumika posted an update on the issue saying that, “I just had a conversation with Uber’s security team, and they informed me that this individual is not currently on their active driver list. Safety is a major concern in India, and it’s making me fearful.”

(Published 21 October 2023, 11:22 IST)

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