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Karnataka: Family welfare dept rolls out 2 new contraceptive methods

The Department of Health and Family Welfare on Monday launched two new contraceptive methods– subdermal single rod implant and subcutaneous injectable contraceptive.

The new methods were launched by the Government of India (GoI) in March 2023 and 10 states have been selected to roll out the contraceptives during the initial introduction phase of three years.

Both the new methods are incision-free and said to be highly effective. In the subdermal single rod implant method, a rod is inserted on the inner side of the upper arm and it is effective for close to 3 years.

Subcutaneous injectable contraceptive is comparatively simpler as it is similar to an injection that can be administered subcutaneously in the outer anterior portion of the thigh, abdomen, or upper outer portion of the arm.

However, the latter method provides only close to 3 months of protection. Both these methods will restore fertility immediately after the prescribed time. In the case of a subdermal single rod implant, individuals can opt to get the implant removed according to their choice.

“Family Planning (FP) has been identified as an effective strategy to prevent maternal and infant morbidities and mortalities. Expansion of contraceptive choices under the National Family Planning Program is the key priority for strengthening the FP program in the country,” according to a statement released by the health department.

While the subdermal single rod implant will be launched as a pilot project in Bidar, Bengaluru Urban, and BBMP areas, the subcutaneous injectable contraceptive will be available in Yadgir and Mysore.

The state has already received 20,000 doses of subcutaneous injectable contraceptive and 10,008 implants for subdermal single rod implants from the GoI.

(Published 16 October 2023, 23:41 IST)

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