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Karnataka to raise insurance coverage for police personnel from Rs 20 lakh to Rs 50 lakh

Mysuru: The group insurance coverage for police personnel who die while on duty will be increased from Rs 20 lakh to Rs 50 lakh, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah announced on Saturday.

The chief minister was speaking during the Police Commemoration Day programme at the Martyrs’ Garden at CAR headquarters on Mysuru Road here, after paying tributes to the police martyrs.

“A sum Rs 100 crore will be provided to secure new vehicles for the police department. The government will provide Rs 450 crore to build police residential houses and Rs 100 crore towards health benefits of police personnel and officials,” he stated.

Quality education

Noting that the government was committed to providing quality education for children of police personnel, Siddaramaiah said seven police public schools were being opened in seven districts.

The chief minister said, “When the law and order is good in the state, it receives more investments, which will lead to creation of jobs and speed up development. As a result, the per capita income of the people of the state will also increase.”

Cyber crimes

Pointing to rising cyber crimes, Siddaramaiah said with advancements in technology, police were facing new challenges. They should face the challenges and handle cyber crime cases effectively, he said.

Fake news

Siddaramaiah said that fake news, lies that create tension, lies that spread hatred were being spread widely and hence, strict action must be taken by the police.

“False and hateful news is harmful to the country’s GDP. As a result of the unrest, the per capita income of the people is also affected,” Siddaramaiahsaid.

The chief minister said that strict legal action should be taken against websites that spread fake news and those who operatethem.

(Published 21 October 2023, 23:06 IST)

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