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State gets back only 15 paise for each rupee it contributes as tax: Siddaramaiah

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Sunday charged that the BJP-led union government had burdened the state by not releasing funds for 61 centrally sponsored schemes across 23 departments and slashing its tax share, resulting in a Rs 45,000-crore loss since 2020.

To add to that, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, who represents Karnataka in the Rajya Sabha, decided not to approve the Rs 5,495-crore special grant that was promised, he alleged.

"Hence, we ask, Why No Love For Karnataka?," he said as part of the ongoing ‘Answer Madi Modi’ campaign on X.

"For every rupee that Karnataka diligently contributes as tax to the union government, a mere 15 paise trickles back into our state. It’s disheartening to witness Kannadigas’ hard-earned money being denied for our state’s development," he said.

He said the time had come for a fair distribution of resources and a renewed focus on the state’s development as it deserves better.

(Published 29 October 2023, 22:14 IST)

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