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HomelifestyleWatch: Designer makes gown using expired condoms

Watch: Designer makes gown using expired condoms

A US-based designer has found a unique and beautiful way of spreading awareness about AIDS and sexual health by making a gown using expired condoms.

Gunnar Deatherage, in collaboration with Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, collected scores of expired condoms and turned those into a gorgeous gown.

A video of the making of the product was uploaded on YouTube, which has now gone viral with over 80 lakh views. Gunnar’s way of making the gown includes a procedure where he first turns the condoms into flower-like shapes, followed by painting them gold before putting those into the dress.

However, this is not the first such initiative. Brazilian artist Adriana Bertini reportedly had made 14 dresses using condoms, which however, had failed the industry quality tests.

Gunnar is receiving a lot of appreciation for his work in the comment section of his YouTube video.

“What a beautiful and creative reuse of expired condoms. Your creations truly are a work of art. Making them into golden almost fabric-like buttons was so smart! I love that you didn’t try to hide them or make them subtle, you made them the stand out piece of the garment,” one person commented.

“This is absolutely beautiful!! This reminds me of my classmate who for her final school art project made a dress decorated with pads (they made up the ball gown-length skirt), with a bodice decorated with red gemstones. Both dresses are gorgeous,” said another.

(Published 15 December 2023, 16:44 IST)

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