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Bombay Natural History Society to display Dr Salim Ali’s personal belongings during Bird Week

Mumbai: As part of the larger goal of conservation of nature, the Mumbai-headquartered Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) has planned a series of initiatives for the Maharashtra government’s Bird Week which includes the display of a large number of personal belongings of Dr Salim Ali, the legendary ‘Birdman of India’.

The Bird Week is celebrated between November 5-12 every year.

The BNHS would honour the legacy of Dr Salim Ali by displaying a collection of his personal belongings, including letters, diaries, field notes, typewriters, cameras, binoculars, passports, and awards.

This archival initiative aims to preserve the invaluable contributions of Dr Salim Ali to the field of ornithology and natural history. This exhibition will be displayed in the BNHS Hornbill House at Colaba between 10 am to 5 pm on all days.

Additionally, attendees will have the opportunity to view a screening of documentary films and interviews about the life and works of Dr Salim Ali.

The dates were chosen as November 5 marks the birthday of Maruti Chitampalli, the eminent Indian ornithologist, and November 12 is the birth anniversary of Dr Salim Ali.

“Bird Week is not just a celebration of avian diversity; it’s a tribute to remarkable individuals like Maruti Chitampalli and the late Dr Salim Ali, whose passion for birds has left an indelible mark on the field of ornithology. Through this week-long event, we aim to inspire people of all ages to appreciate, conserve, and protect our feathered friends and their habitats,” said Kishor Rithe, Director, BNHS.

Furthermore, Bird Week will feature engaging events such as bird counts and bird-watching programs organised by BNHS. “These activities are designed to create awareness about the diverse bird species in our ecosystem, emphasising the importance of their conservation. Bird enthusiasts, nature lovers, and families are encouraged to participate, learn, and appreciate the avian wonders that surround us,” said Rithe.

BNHS is also organising a series of online webinars by BNHS ornithologists in collaboration with Maharashtra Pakshimitra.

(Published 27 October 2023, 08:58 IST)

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