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HomemaharashtraCrops fetching less price because of BJP: Congress

Crops fetching less price because of BJP: Congress

Mumbai: The Congress on Friday blamed the Narendra Modi government and its agricultural policies for crops like onion, soybeans, paddy, cotton and pulses among others fetching very low prices.

“The BJP government is anti-farmer. As soon as agricultural produce is sent to the market for sale, the prices are lowered, making it hard for the farmers to get a good price. Due to BJP’s anti-agricultural policies, crops like onion, soybeans, paddy, cotton, pulses etc. are fetching a very low price, leading to an increase in farmers’ suicides in the state,” Maharashtra Congress presidentNanaPatolesaid.

“Ever since the BJP came to power, they have brought bad days for the farmers,” saidPatole, a former Speaker of Maharashtra Legislative Assembly.

“Instead of taking care of the distressed farmers, the government is looking after the interests of insurance companies and industrialists. The BJP government has left the farmers in the lurch. There is a drought situation in the state, there has been a demand for water tankers since September but the government has not yet declared a drought,”Patolesaid in Akola.

“The BJP came to power by lying and forgot all the promises made to the people as soon as the elections were held. The BJP is a party that only knows to give slogans but now people are fed up with them,” he said.

(Published 27 October 2023, 18:04 IST)

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