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HomemaharashtraShankar Mahadevan visits RSS headquarters, lauds 'swayamsevaks' for protecting culture and tradition

Shankar Mahadevan visits RSS headquarters, lauds 'swayamsevaks' for protecting culture and tradition

Mumbai: As he enthralled the RSS swayamsevaks with his mesmerising voice, eminent singer and composer Shankar Mahadevan said that tunes and sargam are just like binary codes.

“Any tune (dhun) has sargam (musical notes) just like computers have binary codes behind them. Similarly, if our country is like a song, then swayamsevaks are like the musical notes behind it attending to various problems and challenges,” said Mahadevan, who was the chief guest at RSS’s Vijaya Dashami celebrations in Nagpur.

RSS chief Dr Mohan Bhagwat said: “I knew that Shankar Mahadevan ji was a great singer…today I came to know he is a great speaker.”

Mumbai-born Mahadevan who has learnt Hindustani classical and Carnatic music said that he is taking the musical journey to the common people.

“I believe it is my duty to educate & transmit our culture through music and songs to future generations. I try to do it in my interactions with youngsters and children and also in my shows, reality shows and even film songs,” he said.

“My experience today has been mind-blowing. The contribution of all of you in protecting our culture and tradition is unparalleled,” he said.

Mahadevan began his address with a prayer to Maa Saraswati for the glory of the nation and Vijayadashami wishes to the entire world.

“I am very honoured and privileged that I have been welcomed as a chief guest at this function. I want to thank the RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat and the entire Sangh parivar,” he said.

(Published 24 October 2023, 05:14 IST)

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