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HomemaharashtraVedic literature on display in form of paintings in Mumbai exhibition

Vedic literature on display in form of paintings in Mumbai exhibition

Mumbai: A slice of India’s rich Vedic literature – which is integral to theculture and philosophy – will be on display in the form of 17 paintings and 7 installations in Mumbai.

These are part of “Spiritual Reflections”, an exhibition which will be held from October 17-October 23 at the famed Jehangir Art Gallery in Mumbai.

Art enthusiasts and connoisseurs will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in this spiritual journey in this unique exhibition.

“I see art to be a tool for expressing profound and intangible ideas,” saidDr Archana Srivastava, a renowned artist.

Dr Srivastava’s artwork delves deep into esoteric philosophical themes and has garnered international recognition, including the prestigious “Leonardo da Vinci International Award” in 2023.

As the Founder and CEO of ArtSage, she has dedicated herself to preserving and promoting Indian art and heritage.

In addition to Dr Srivastava’s masterpieces, the exhibition will also feature sculptures by the esteemed senior artist, Bhagwan Rampure, providing a comprehensive exploration of Indian philosophy and spirituality.

“The timeless philosophical messages can be conveyed through art by simplifying complex concepts and making them accessible to others. Metaphors are key in making abstract ideas understandable. Being a practitioner of Bhakti-Yoga, I hold a deep affection for Lord Krishna and his teachings. I am greatly influenced by the philosophical masterpiece known as ‘Bhagavad-Gita’ which is considered the most comprehensive expression of perennial philosophy. Same holds true for the other ancientVedic texts. I believe it is essential for us to uncover the meaning within these scriptures not only for ourselves but also to share its relevance with our contemporaries,” she said on the eve of the exhibition.

“In summary, the Vedic concept of the eternal soul (Atman) having a temporary human experience (Jiva) underscores the profound nature of human life. It encourages individuals to recognise their divine essence, seek spiritual growth, and ultimately transcend the cycle of birth and death to reunite with the eternal and divine source, often referred to as Brahman or God.

This philosophy serves as a foundation for many spiritual practices and beliefs within Vedic and other related traditions,” added Dr Srivastava.

(Published 16 October 2023, 10:58 IST)

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