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HomerajasthanA look at the oldest and the youngest chief ministers of Rajasthan

A look at the oldest and the youngest chief ministers of Rajasthan

In the vibrant political landscape of Rajasthan, a state known for its rich heritage and dynamic history, the roles of the oldest and youngest Chief Ministers in its Assembly elections offer fascinating insights.

Rajasthan held its first Assembly elections in 1952. The state’s first Chief Minister was Heera Lal Shastri, who assumed office on April 7, 1949, before the election.

This article explores the contrasting leaderships of Rajasthan’s oldest and youngest Chief Ministers and their unique impacts on the state’s political and developmental landscape offer valuable insights into Rajasthan’s evolving history and governance.

Youngest Chief Miinister of Rajasthan

Mohan Lal Sukhadia, a prominent figure in Rajasthan’s political history, served as the Chief Minister of the state for a remarkable duration of 17 years, from 1954 to 1971.

He assumed this pivotal role at the young age of 38, making him the youngest to hold this position in Rajasthan’s history. Sukhadia was a member of the Indian National Congress.

During his tenure, Sukhadia was known for initiating significant reforms and development projects in Rajasthan. He focused on improving the state’s infrastructure, education, and healthcare systems, laying the groundwork for modernizing Rajasthan.

Oldest CM of Rajasthan

Bhairon Singh Shekhawat was the oldest to take charge as the chief minister of Rajasthan. He ascended to the role on December 4, 1993, when he was 68 years of age.

(Published 12 November 2023, 15:13 IST)

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