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HomesikkimSecond bailey bridge completed over Teesta, at Mangan

Second bailey bridge completed over Teesta, at Mangan

In the ongoing relief efforts in the flood-affected areas of Sikkim, a second bailey bridge has been completed over the Teesta river at Mangan.

The Indian Army troops, an official update states, in assistance with civil administration in the state, and the BRO, were able to complete the bridge over the river. The new bailey bridge at Mangan-Sankalang, has facilitated the movement of vehicles and relief material to the areas affected by flash floods.

Taking into account the width of the river at the site where crossings take place, along with the formation of an island, it was decided that two bridges would be erected. The engineering troops of the Trishakti Corps, using heavy earth-moving plants, were active in the bridge-building operation. “This is a very rare bridge construction with two Bailey Bridges,” an official note stated.

Earlier this month – on October 22 – the first bridge was completed. In an immediate follow up, given the swift work pace, the second bridge also got completed this Thursday.

The two bridges have been inaugurated by Pintso Lepcha, MLA, Dzongu, North Sikkim. Officials of the army, BRO, and administration also attended the function.

The areas in North Sikkim, after Mangan, had remained cut off since October 4. The forces, responding to the situation earlier, had constructed foot bridges and zip lines at the Chungthang and Sanklang-Mangan crossing. The development made travel on foot possible, and also helped relief material reach those affected through the zip lines.

The bailey bridges come as part of restoring connectivity immediately till Chungthang, through an alternative route – from Mangan, via Sanklang, and Theng. The site is 200-metre upstream from the point where a zip line and a bamboo bridge were constructed earlier.

With the river’s width increasing to 600 feet, and river water flowing through two channels with a 160-feet island in between, it was decided to build two separate bridges.

(Published 28 October 2023, 13:36 IST)

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