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Android 14: Key features of Google's latest mobile OS

Google has begun rolling out the new Android 14 to Pixel phones and other brands such as Samsung, OnePlus, Vivo, and Xiaomi have announced to bring it to their devices soon. Already, they have begun beta testing the software.

The latest Android 14 series comes with really good value-added features including customisation, enhancement to photograpyh and also promises to improve the battery life and performance of the old eligible devices.

Android 14: Key features you should know about Google’s latest mobile OS

More Personalisation options: Android 14 is taking Material You customisation to the next level by allowing more control to the device owner to unleash his/her creativity to set up wallpaper, style, and colour palette theme to buttons and backgrounds.

It brings new, curated lock screen templates for fonts, widgets, colors, and formats that best match the user’s taste.

But, if you are a minimalistic person, Android 14 also offers a monochromatic theme that makes minimal colours, yet look sleek and beautiful across the entire device UI.

Also, it will offer custom lock screen shortcuts, such as QR reader or the Google Home app, so the user has quick, one-tap access to the most used controls directly from the Android lock screen.

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Custom AI wallpaper generator: During the Pixel hardware event, Google’s demo blew everyone away with the magical powers of generative Artificial Intelligence (gen AI).

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Android 14 brings Gen AI-powered Wallpaper creator.


Users can churn out wallpapers with text prompts to create their own wallpapers. This is must must-try feature for Android phone users.

However, the AI wallpaper generator will be available first on Pixel 8 and 8 Pro. And, it is expected to be expanded to other eligible devices in the coming months.

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Android 14 brings unknown tracker alert.


Security: Once updated to the latest Android 14, the phone will display unknown tracker alerts and will tell the user if an unrecognized tracking tag is moving with him/her, and help them locate it.

Once updated to Android 14, the phone will offer a six-digit password option, which enhances the security of the phone. It will be more difficult to crack the password for thieves to unlock your phone.

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Android 14 brings six-digit passcode


Health Connect: With this new feature, Android 14 will ensure all the health and fitness-related metrics are tracked by not just the native Google Fitness app, but also third-party apps under one roof and the user will have full control of the data and privacy. The data is securely encrypted on the phone and this means, even Google or anyone else can’t see or use it for any other purpose.

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Android 14 bringsHealth Connect feature.


Also, the user will also be informed of what data is being used by apps, and the latter is required to seek permission to access to the data. If any app wants to know the owner’s location, he/she will be notified when an app is sharing location data with third parties and this can help make a more informed decision on whether or not to grant access.

Ultra HDR photo: With the new Android 14, select Android phones will able to capture better high-quality photos. It will be more vibrant and colourful than standard HDR photos.

Vision-related accessibility features: With Android 14, the phones will get a new magnifier glass feature and comes with the ability to pinch to zoom in and out from 100 per cent. The device owner can also change the magnifier size in a new Magnifier Settings panel or customize how much of the screen you’d like magnified.

Also, the user gets the option to control the magnifier from turning off when he/she goes from app to app. Users can set the magnification to “Keep on when switching apps” in Android’s accessibility settings.

With Android 14, phones promise to deliver better readability. Also, users will be able to quickly change the font size of the text in the Quick Settings tile. And, better readability with nonlinear font scaling, which enlarges larger font size at a slower rate than smaller font size.

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Android 14 brings new magnifier to ensure better visibility.


Accessibility feature for hearing-impaired users: With Android 14, users will be able to turn on “Flash notifications” from the Accessibility and Notifications settings and get visual light flashes when the phone receives any incoming notifications.

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(Published 10 October 2023, 13:43 IST)

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