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Discord gets new teen safety feature, warning system and more

Discord is one of most popular social media platforms, particularly among youth. It as more than 162 million active user base and on average, young people spend four plus hours time on Discord.

This also attracts predators to prey young teenagers. Youngsters without much thought accept friend requests from unknown people and end up getting exploited. To end such cases, Discord has announced several new measures to protect young users on its platform.

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Discord will blur the age-inappropriate content on its platform.


It is bringing new ‘Safety alerts’ which warns youngsters about the requests from anonymous people. For instance, when a teen receives a DM (Direct Message) from a user for the first time, Discord will send the safety alert to make recipient to double check if they want to reply. It will also offer links to block the user or view more safety tips to safeguard themselves if needed.

Furthermore, to prevent circulation of inappropriate content (through DM and group DM), Discord automatically blur the multimedia and the user will be made aware of the content. The blurring of content creates an extra step for teens to use caution when viewing the media. This feature will be available for anyone to opt in.

Also, Discord has a system that bans or blocks permanently anyone who violate the platform’s rules. Now, the company will first give a warning.

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Discord will now first warn users of what post violated the platform’s policy and ask to refrain from posting controversial content again or else face the risk of getting the banned on the platform.


At first, the user will get in-app message directly from Discord letting him/her know which post that broke the platform’s rules, outline actions taken and/or account restrictions, and more information regarding the specific Discord policy or Community Guideline that was violated.

This will offer chance to the person to reflect and mend his/her ways.

If they continue to violate the norms, they will be blocked from entering Discord again.

Besides the teen safety and warning features, Discord also introduced Remix (a feature to create memes), custom app icon option for premium Nitro subscribers, new in-app Shop, which offers Nitro members the opportunity to purchase profile accessories, avatar decorations, new profile effects with animations, and more.

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(Published 20 October 2023, 17:59 IST)

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