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OnePlus explains why new foldable phone will come with pre-loaded apps

OnePlus is all geared up to launch the company’s first-ever foldable phone OnePlus Open later this week on October 19 in India.

The upcoming OnePlus Open is said to boast several patented technology. One among them include gapless hinge tech that ensure there is less scope for dust creep inside the device. Also, the hinge and the foldable display have undergone strenuous sturdy test for open and close operations, to ensure the device serves the owner for several years.

Now, the company has revealed that the OnePlus Open will come pre-install with third-party apps. This statement may evoke strong reactions from pure Android enthusiasts, but it should be noted that OnePlus as valid reason.

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OnePlus Open launch invitation.

OnePlus India

It should be noted that several social media platforms, games and search engine apps are not fully optimised to work seamlessly on foldable phones, which are less than handful in India.

To ensure those apps deliver better on the wide foldable display , the company collaborated with several mainstream app developers including Facebook and has included them in OnePlus Open.

“OnePlus prioritizes delivering a swift, smooth, and untroubled customer experience above all else. For the introduction of OnePlus Open, we’ve worked closely with a variety of mainstream app developers to ensure their apps are compatible with our new foldable design, enhancing the user experience. This includes Facebook, a widely-used mobile app, in our targeted markets. The work required substantial effort from both parties, and we believe the results are not only significant but also extremely meaningful for our foldable device users,” OnePlus spokesperson said.

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OnePlus Open teased on Platform X (formerly X).

OnePlus India/X platform

Even with third-party apps pre-installed in the OnePlus Open, the device is expected to work smoothly, as it will come with enough RAM and big storage enough to install many more apps and also store thousands of photos and videos. Also, the device will have security feature to protect user privacy.

“To provide the best user experience, a small number of the mentioned applications will come pre-installed on OnePlus Open. We believe this approach strikes the right balance between delivering a novel and seamless user experience while preserving the stability and security of our products,” OnePlus spokesperson added.

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(Published 17 October 2023, 10:38 IST)

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