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‘Chaddi gang’ of BRS, AIMIM, BJP will form alliance ahead of Lok Sabha polls: Revanth Reddy

New Delhi: Drawing a parallel with the BJP and JD(S) entering into an alliance after Karnataka polls, Congress on Thursday said BRS, AIMIM and the saffron party may be fighting separately in Telangana to cut into its votes but the “chaddi gang” will come together in a coalition before Lok Sabha elections.Telangana Congress president A Revanth Reddy sought to predict the seat sharing arrangement with BRS taking nine Lok Sabha constituencies and BJP seven while leaving one to the AIMIM. He claimed that they were fighting against each other in Assembly for convenience like in Karnataka where JD(S) and BJP fought separately though Congress had predicted it.

Addressing a press conference here, he alleged that the BRS, BJP and AIMIM are “chaddi gang” and would come together in January-February next year after the Assembly elections. “You saw it in Karnataka where JD(S) and BJP entered into an alliance after the Assembly elections. That is going to happen in Telangana,” he claimed.

The Congress had accused the JD(S) as the B-Team of the BJP. It had also accused the BRS of acting as the B-Team of the BJP in Telangana along with AIMIM.

To a question on whether Congress will open its door to AIMIM in the eventuality of a hung Assembly, he said the history of the past 40 years showed that Telugu-speaking people always gave decisive verdicts and there was no hung Assembly in Andhra Pradesh or Telangana after the former was bifurcated in 2014.

“Telugu speaking people always gave a huge majority. It was never a close majority. I am confidently saying that we are coming to power with a two-third majority. There is no question of aligning with AIMIM,” he said.

Targeting AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi, he said, “why should Asad leave his big brother Amit Shah. They are double-engine and why should he leave the double engine? If one engine fails, the other automatically fails.”

He said he was sure of his party forming the government and inviting media persons from Delhi to be in Hyderabad on December 9 to witness the swearing in ceremony.

Reddy said the goodwill for Chief Minister and BRS supremo K Chandrasekhar Rao has ended and there is a surge for Congress in the state.

When referred to BRS leaders’ assertions that the Congress is a spent force in Telangana, he shot back asking why those leaders keep on attacking his party if it is not in the reckoning.

(Published 26 October 2023, 10:49 IST)

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