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Doctor held for implanting 'substandard' pacemakers in 250 patients, many died of complications

An Uttar Pradesh doctor was arrested for allegedly implanting ‘substandard’ pacemakers in at least 250 heart patients, who were told that the pacemakers were of high quality and were overcharged.

Many of the patients, who had pacemakers implanted by the doctor, later died after developing complications.

The doctor, identified as Sameer Sarraf, a cardiologist at the state owned Saifai Medical University in UP’s Etawah district was ‘lured’ by the huge amount of commission given by the companies whose pacemakers he implanted in the patients. Sarraf was also allegedly sent on numerous foreign tours by the companies.

A senior police official in Etawah said that Sarraf had been arrested on charges of fraud and other anomaliesin purchase of substandard pacemakers and other instruments at exorbitant prices.

Sources said that the matter came to light a few months back after one of the heart patients, who had a pacemaker implanted by Sarraf, lodged a complaint that the pacemaker was ‘substandard’ and that he had been overcharged. It was alleged that Sarraf charged him Rs 1.85 lakh from the patient though the price of the pacemaker implanted was only about Rs 96 thousand.

The University formed a committee to investigate tha matter. During the investigation it was found that Sarraf had implanted pacemakers in as many as 250 heart patients within a period of two years from 2017 and 2019 and that many of them later died following complications.

Police said that so far they had information about 250 implants. They suspected that some other staff members of the Medical University might also be involved in the matter. ”We are investigating the matter,” said a senior police official.

(Published 10 November 2023, 14:09 IST)

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