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600-drone swarm wish Durga Puja, perform Ravan Dahan mid-air in Kolkata

Kolkata: TheRavan Dahan, at one of Kolkata’s popular Durga Puja venues, this year, was performed mid-air by a swarm of 600 drones. The drones also wishedShubhoBijoyagreetings, leaving people mesmerised, in and around the venue.

The programme initially scheduled for Vijay Dashmi evening, was deferred by a day to Wednesday night due to “unavoidable circumstances”.

The show took place at Park Circus Maidan, a well-known public park in the city. Spread out in neat rows and columns, on a patch of ground covered with a sheet, the drones took off, and thereafter formed different patterns, mid-air. AShubho Bijoyamessage, Goddess Durga, Lord Rama, and Ravana, were among the different visual depictions.

Gaurav Bahri Dhawan, president, Committee for Park Circus Sarbojanin Durgotsab (Uddipani), told Deccan Herald that such a technology-backed Ravan Dahan, has happened for the first time in the country.

The dual themes – best wishes on Durga Puja, and Ravan Dahan, had messages for the state, and the nation. “At 200 metres, many people saw it from adjoining terraces. The viral video clips in circulation capture people’s liking for the show,” Dhawan said.

“My brother Arjun, during his visit to China, had seen how drones were being used in festivities. We thought, why can’t we do it here. We started research around six months ago. We are thankful to Eastern Command for their support. Also, our vendor got all required approvals,” Dhawan said, adding that the show was expensive to perform.

(Published 26 October 2023, 18:10 IST)

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