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Will launch 'Ladli Behna' scheme if BJP forms next govt in Bengal: Suvendu Adhikari

In a speech in north Bengal, BJP Bengal leader Suvendu Adhikari announced that if the BJP is elected to power in the state, it will introduce the “Ladli Behna” scheme, modeled after the program in Madhya Pradesh. Adhikari also called on the “nationalist” minority (Muslims) to actively support Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The state assembly elections in West Bengal are scheduled for 2026.

Citing “corruption”, “parivarvaad”, and “appeasement” as reasons, Adhikari asked the people to change the government in the state in the days to come. While the state assembly elections are still a considerable time away, Adhikari linked them to discussions about the Lok Sabha elections, asking people to vote for PM Modi.

“Sisters and mothers, I assure you… Rs 500 amounts to nothing (a reference to the state government’s financial support). When the BJP forms the government in the state, then we will begin the Ladli Behna scheme here as well, akin to the one that’s functional in Madhya Pradesh,” Adhikari stated, adding that the BJP, if voted to power, would offer Rs 2,000 per month instead. He urged people to examine other states – Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra – and see how his party “works for all and respects women”.

Talking about inclusive development, Adhikari referred to an interview of Union Home Minister Amit Shah and said that attempts are being made to “mislead” Muslims. He added that “some political party” took up the issue of citizenship legislation – the CAA – and is “spreading lies”. “The CAA is not for taking away citizenship rights but for offering rights,” he claimed.

Adhikari asked voters to see for themselves how minorities are “safe” in BJP-ruled states. “We are working to weed out the goons, and goons don’t have religious or caste affiliations. Goons are just goons,” he said, adding that the “nationalist” minority (Muslims) should come forward in support of PM Modi in greater numbers.

(Published 16 December 2023, 15:18 IST)

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