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Crocodile tearjerker: Man bites into croc's eye to fend off attack

Australia’s Northern Territory (NT) is known to have one of the world’s most intact marine ecologies and large tracts of mangrove forest. Here, human-animal interactions can take weird turns, like it did in the case of one cattle producer Colin Deveraux, who is making news for repelling a crocodile attack by biting the animal in the eye.

Colin Deveraux has spent a month in hospital after being bitten by the 3.2m (10ft) saltwater crocodile in the Northern Territory, reports ABC News.

The incident occurred when he was en-route to perform fencing duties near the Finniss River last month.

He stopped near a lake when he noticed fish swimming in the receding waters.

As he moved away, a crocodile grabbed onto his right foot and violently shook him ‘like a rag doll’, pulling him into the water.

The man, Mr. Deveraux, recounted that he initially attempted to kick the crocodile in the ribs with his other foot, before mistakenly resorting to biting the reptile’s ‘leather-like’ eyelid in an effort to free himself.

Eventually, the crocodile released its grip, allowing Mr. Deveraux to escape and run back to his car. He sustained injuries to his leg, but somehow managed to stop the bleeding using a towel and rope before being taken to the Royal Darwin Hospital by his brother.

Reflecting on the incident, Mr. Deveraux acknowledged that he needs to change his activities and be more cautious in the swampy areas where he has been working and living.

As per the regional authorities, crocodiles play a significant role in the Northern Territory’s economy and are legally protected.

The most recent deadly crocodile attack occurred in April of this year along the Kennedy River in Cape York Peninsula, Queensland.

(Published 09 November 2023, 07:20 IST)

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