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'Mask losing elasticity': Joe Biden's unusual chin gets netizens talking

US President Joe Biden, who often makes headlines for his gaffes, now is being talked about on social media for the unusual shape of his chin.

The octogenarian leader was spotted with a peculiar-shaped chin while addressing the media regarding the Israel-Hamas conflict. As videos of Biden speaking went viral on the internet, many came up with conspiracy theories ranging from “plastic surgery effects” to “mask losing elasticity”.

Last year, Biden had shocked social media when he appeared to claim in a speech that he has cancer. White House later clarified that the President was referring to skin cancer which was treated before he took office in January 2020.

Two days ago, Biden’s quick reply to a reporter on a question regarding the Israel-Hamas conflict led to some confusion, prompting the White House to issue a clarification.

Biden “did not hear” a question from a reporter who asked whether Israel should delay a potential ground invasion of Gaza until more hostages can get out, when he answered, “yes”, the White House said.

“The president was far away. He didn’t hear the full question. The question sounded like ‘Would you like to see more hostages released?’ He wasn’t commenting on anything else,” White House spokesperson Ben LaBolt said.

Biden was walking up the steps to board Air Force One when a reporter shouted the question over the sound of the plane’s engines. Biden stopped for a moment and said, “yes,” and then proceeded onto the plane.

(With Reuters inputs)

(Published 21 October 2023, 11:03 IST)

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