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Missile strikes Egyptian Red Sea town on Israel border

Amissilelaunched as part of fighting between Hamas militants andIsraelstruck anEgyptianresorttownabout 220 km (135 miles) from the Gaza Strip earlyonFriday, Egypt’s Al Qahera News reported, citing sources.

Themissilehit a medical facility in Taba, injuring at least six people, Al Qahera TV reported. A witness in Taba confirmed hearing an explosion and seeing smoke rising, but Reuters was not immediately able to identify the blast’s source.

Taba straddles Egypt’sborderwithIsrael’sRedSeaport of Eilat.Israel’s military said it was aware of a security incident outside itsborders.

Hamas saidonWednesday it had targeted Eilat with amissile, which the Israeli military said hit an outlying area. That incident appeared to be the longest-range Palestinian attack of the Gaza war raging since Oct. 7

There was no immediate claim of responsibility after Friday morning’s blast.

The Taba explosion highlights the risk facing Egypt and other countries in the region as fighting intensifies betweenIsraeland Hamas.

Egypt has taken an active role in negotiating access to aid for Palestinians, trying to secure the release of hostages held by Hamas and advocating for a ceasefire.

But its proximity to the front line has exposed it to risks.OnOct. 22, several Egyptianborderguards were injured after being accidentally hit by fragments of a shell from an Israeli tank.Israelapologised for the incident.

Al Qahera reported themissilestrikeonFriday hit a Taba ambulance facility and a residential building for the administration of the Taba Hospital.

Taba, in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, is popular with tourists. It is about a three-hour drive from Egypt’sRedSearesorttownof Sharm el-Sheikh.

The US military, which isonheightened alert for activity by Iran-backed groups as regional tensions soar, said last week a

Navy warship in the northernRedSea intercepted projectiles launched by Yemen’s Youthi group potentially towardIsrael.

(Published 27 October 2023, 03:42 IST)

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