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Watch | 'French Spiderman' climbs skyscraper in Paris to promote peace

A French climber Alain Robert popularly known as “Spiderman” climbed the Tour Hekla skyscraper in Paris in an attempt to promote “Peace in the Middle East” amid the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas.

Alain Robert climbed the 48-story building in the French capital in two hours as he said that Israel and Palestine desperately need to find peace, reported India Today.

“Today, I am climbing in support of peace. I’m trying not to pick a side, for Palestine or for Israel, but in my opinion, there is one urgent and important thing to do, which is to hear each other out and sign peace accords that are long-lasting, so that Palestine and Israel can both get what they want,” he said.

He said that Israel and Palestine have been fighting for over 70 years and “at one point, it should stop, solutions must be found.”

“Sit around a table and discuss peace accords that suit both countries,” said Robert while referring to the world leaders. “Calls for killing each other leads nowhere”, he added.

“They need to decide for something once and for all. Otherwise, you know, we are on the verge of – and real this time – a World War Three, because if the Muslim countries, they start attacking Israel, it will be horrible, Armageddon,” he said.

“There are countries sending billions of dollars for arming people to kill other people. So it just doesn’t work this way,” he added.

Robert said that the problem is “not so much about who is right or who is wrong” but it is about “finding peaceful solutions”, reported the publication.

Many lives have been lost in the conflict between Israel and Hamas, which began on October 7th after the Palestinian group launched a surprise attack on Israel.

(Published 23 October 2023, 07:58 IST)

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