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OnePlus Open to flaunt invisible crease, latest Sony camera sensor

With a just day left before the global hardware showcase event, OnePlus has offered a sneak peek at the upcoming premium foldable phone.

The new OnePlus Open, as seen in the official teaser, comes with a sleek and slim body. And, yet the phone is engineered to last longer than any current crop of foldable phones.

Not just the thickness of the device, even the trade-mark alert slider is designed to be slimmer and effectively perform with a tactile touch feel, which is used with premium OnePlus phones.

The height and width of the alert slider module inside the phone are said to be reduced by 1.7mm and 1mm respectively compared with the same module on the fixed-screen flagship OnePlus 11, saving up to 42 per cent of additional internal space.

The device is said to have several patented technologies and helped the company to reduce the number of components required to just 69 parts, compared to the 100 plus components typically required for standard folding hinge designs.

OnePlus Open is said to come with a gap-less hinge that will ensure dust doesn’t sneak inside and damage internal components.

The new Flexion Hinge ensures the widescreen doesn’t show any discernible crease at the bending point, which is a major pain point in foldable mobiles.

On the OnePlus Open, the screen bends in a water drop shape at the base, and display panels close flat at the other end.

“Inside the hinge, an 8-axis turn mechanism is used instead of the conventional tri-axis plates to help with pressure relief, reducing wear from constant folding. It also spreads pressure created by opening and closing the phone more evenly across all of the eight axes, reducing strain from singling on any one of them. Furthermore, micro-incisions of 0.15mm have been weaved into the carbon fiber display support structure to reduce pressure generated during folding to minimize the appearance of creases. Thanks to the combination of these three innovative solutions, the Flexion hinge has been improved tremendously, helping to minimize potential pressure indents on the main display even after extensive use,” the company said.

Another notable aspect of the OnePlus Open is that it will come with a LYTIA-T808 sensor, the latest camera hardware from Sony. OnePlus Open is the first-ever foldable phone to boast this sensor.

It comes with Sony’s ‘Dual-layer Transistor Pixel’ technology (also known as ‘Pixel Stacked’) where light adsorption-retention structure was redesigned from the ground up, allowing for doubling the light captured and stored for conversion (full well capacity) despite a relatively smaller sensor size. This will ensure that OnePlus Open delivers the best photos in all light conditions.

OnePlus is hosting the OnePlus Open launch event in Mumbai at 7:30 pm IST on October 19.

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(Published 18 October 2023, 06:31 IST)

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